Spirit Box Workshops

Anne Sabagh, Certified Life Coach
Create Your Own Spirit Box

Join Anne Sabagh, Certified Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator, to create your very own Spirit Box! You may be wondering how a Spirit Box works. A spirit box works two-fold: It helps us release to our higher power what we no longer need and it helps us manifest what we do want, but what might take some time and action to manifest. Through use of the Spirit Box we learn to trust that all will happen in divine order.

For those of you who have attended Anne’s Vision Board workshops, this is a great way to continue your releasing and manifestation work! For those who haven’t, this workshop is a great way to jump into release and manifestation!

The spirit boxes we will create are cardboard boxes that you may decorate however you like. We will cut a slot in the top of each box where small pieces of paper may be dropped in noting things we wish to release to spirit to help us let go of.Let’s get creative in this fun, hands-on workshop.

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