Substance Abuse Coaching

Substance Abuse Coaching Substance abuse can simply be defined as the use of substances, in this case alcohol and drugs, in any manner that its detrimental to your life and having difficulty stopping despite the consequences.

We use a "strive to absence" philosophy and firmly believe that there are many different paths to happiness for individuals who struggle with drugs and alcohol. We work with a significant number of dual diagnosis clients (those who are diagnosed with a mental illnesses and substance abuse problems).

Our first task with any client who has a substance abuse problem is to provide a supportive atmosphere and an ear that can hear nuances. We work to get our clients to the resources that they need, including psychiatrists, therapists, inpatient hospitalizations, outpatient programs, support groups, 12-Step programs and any other resource that they might need.

We play a role in helping the client manage their cases and coordinate all the resources they have accessed. We also work with them on avoiding triggers -- bars, bottles of wine in the cabinet, parties where there will be drugs, etc. -- that might make it harder for them to resist.

While we believe that for most of our clients that abstinence is the answer, we do believe that they have to come to the right conclusion for what they need in life on their own -- We can offer input, but then our responsibility is to help them achieve their goals as long as we think they are healthy and safe.

Our own experience helps us help clients and their family members in the process of recovery.

Reasons for the Substance Abuse Coaching Model
  • Alternative to group counseling
  • One-on-one work
  • Harm mitigation or absteinance-based
  • Day-to-day support
  • Confidential Testing
  • Coordinating with Courts/ADS/ASAP
  • Coordination with psychiatry
  • Coaching model
  • Mentoring model
  • Relationship with depth and understanding

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