Jayson Blair, Certified Life Coach

Jayson Blair Jayson Blair is a certified life coach and the managing partner of Goose Creek Consulting. Jayson is a nationally known mental health writer and consultant. He is the founder and the former executive director of the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance of Northern Virginia.

Jayson, who has bipolar disorder, wrote about his illness in a 2004 autobiography. He has years of experience working with individuals with mental illnesses, their loved ones, support groups and others in outpatient and inpatient care settings. He has also worked as a career coach, helping high school students, college students and adults formulate and achieve their career goals...

  Anne Sabagh, Certified Life Coach

Anne Sabagh Anne Sabagh is a dynamic Certified Life Coach with experience supporting people through transitions, managing emotions, career challenges, learning difficulties and mental health challenges. Anne obtained her Life Coaching Certification through the World Coach Institute, a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Being a highly sensitive person herself, Anne brings a deep level of empathy and understanding to her work with others. Her approach is particularly of assistance to other highly sensitive people, empaths and others navigating the overwhelming emotions of themselves or others. As a coach, Anne brings an action-oriented, results-driven approach to her work with her clients.

  Teresa M. Brodin, M.Ed., Life and Career Coach

Teresa Brodin Teresa Brodin is an energetic life and career coach that utilizes a model of coaching rooted in the belief that a coach helps spark and support the natural creativity, resourcefulness and idea wholeness of clients. This approach, known as the co-active model of coaching, holds that everyone possesses the capacity for knowing what is best for their lives and the coach helps explore, reinforce and support those ideas.

  Laura Phelps, Life and Career Coach

Laura Phelps, Life and Career Coach Laura Phelps is a creative and passionate life and career coach who works with clients in transition to create positive, lasting change and lead more fulfilling personal and professional lives. Laura provides her clients with a safe, open, and supportive environment that allows them to fully express themselves, explore their possibilities, set goals, take action and achieve results.

  Lisa Krull, Career and Leadership Coach

Lisa KrullLisa Krull is an innovative, dynamic, outcome-oriented human capital management strategist who has a demonstrative track record of providing high quality service to leaders in government contracting, government and other industries. With more than a decade of experience in a rapid rise from administrative professional to associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Lisa has worked as a strategic partner with some of the biggest companies and individuals in the Washington, D.C. market.

  Peggy Maslanka, ADHD Coach

Peggy Maslanka Peggy Maslanka is a passionate and imaginative problem-solver, advocate and action-oriented ADHD Coach who works with clients to improve quality of life, academic and work performance. Peggy helps her clients take advantage of the creative and productive sides of ADHD while assisting in improving executive functioning skills in areas such as planning, time management, prioritizing, organizing, inattention, social skills and impulse control. 

  Astrid Richardson, Life Coach

Astrid Richardson, Life Coach With nearly 20 years of experience in technical consulting, Astrid is able to employ the collaborative style of partnership she had with her customers in the corporate world to her work with life, career and mental health coaching clients. Among the many hats Astrid has worn over the years has been as a dietary consultant for Jenny Craig, where she helped clients with weight loss solutions. The ability of extending that work behind the initial stages is, in part, what inspired Astrid to begin coaching. She is a graduate of the International Coach Training Academy.

  Patricia Rinaldi, Certified Career Coach

Patricia Rinaldi, Career CoachPatricia Rinaldi is a creative, results-oriented, consultative talent strategy professional with a proven track record of providing exceptional service and dedication to guiding professionals through career moves while maintaining an uncompromising focus on customer service and relationship management.

With a strong background working as a strategic business partner, talent acquisition strategist, and employment manager, Patricia is a leader in identifying and analyzing priorities in order to implement plans for human capital in client environments.

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