Schizoaffective Disorder Coaching

Van Gogh's Sower Coaching for individuals with Schizoaffective disorder blends techniques used to help people with mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, with those used to assist people struggling with psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia. At Goose Creek Coaching, we seek to work in tandem with our client with Schizoaffective disorder, their families and their treatment providers to come up with nuanced approaches to managing and coping with the complex disorder.

For those suffering from Schizoaffective disorder, a deficit use of our multi-disciplinary approach helps address the complexities of a mood disorder combined with a psychotic disorder. Individuals with mood disorders can often experience psychosis, and those with psychotic disorders can experience mood swings, but there are great challenges when pronounced mood swings are coupled with psychosis that persists even when a person’s mood is normal. We work to tailor our coaching efforts to address those needs out of our belief that everyone has the right to live a healthy, functional, happy and productive life.

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