Psychotic Disorders Coaching

Green Fields Goose Creek offers a type of mental health life coaching to help people with psychotic disorders, from schizophrenia to paranoid personality disorder to a brief psychotic episode, adjust to life through working on balancing perception and reality, with the ultimate goal of action-oriented, practical work on managing the basic activities of daily living.

Coaching also seeks to help people struggling with psychotic disorders to prevent their illnesses from getting in the way of their potential, on identifying career paths and sustaining positions in both professional jobs and vocations.

Psychotic disorders are severe mental disorders that cause abnormal perceptions and thinking. These disorders can lead to people losing touch with reality due to delusions, hallucinations, disordered thinking and other symptoms. People with psychotic disorders often struggle with false perceptions and beliefs.

Medication management and psychotherapy are primary tools to control the symptoms. Coaching seeks to help people with psychotic disorders stay grounded in reality on a day-to-day basis, and set and achieve goals. We are able to coordinate care with psychiatrists and psychologists, allowing clients to get better service through communication between coaches.

Since many people with psychotic disorders are struggling with the activities of daily living, coaches are able to provide support in completing tasks such as grocery shopping, managing finances, hygiene, organization and cleaning.

People with psychotic disorders naturally tend to feel a high degree of anxiety in social settings, and our coaches are able to help them manage that anxiety with a variety of coping skills tailored for people with psychotic disorders.

People who have experienced psychosis but are not psychotic often tend to doubt themselves and their decision-making process and our coaches provide a good sounding board for ideas and plans, someone to run their thoughts by and a check on symptoms. This allows people with psychosis to more naturally operate in the world.

People with psychotic disorders often have large treatment teams and our coaches can help coordinate care so every side is moving in the right direction.

Some examples of our coaches helping individuals with psychotic disorders include:

  • Successfully helping a client with schizophrenia select the appropriate, supportive and nurturing college environment, while working on general motivational issues, obtaining and maintaining a summer job and managing the hallucinations that the medications would not take away.
  • Successfully helping a client with positive schizophrenic symptoms obtain a job working in an electrical field and later join a college program for people with disabilities.
  • Successfully helping a client with anxiety and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, including extreme apathy, identify is passion for animation and game design and helping him obtain an internship in the field where he was successful.
  • Developing a rapport with a woman with paranoid delusions that allowed her to best trust people in her life and recognize that her husband and treatment providers were not working against her interest. Successfully improved her relationship with her husband and children.

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