Personality Disorder Coaching

Personality Disorders All of us are different types of people with tendencies that show who we are as human beings. An individual’s personality is a combination of influence of nature and nurture, with temperament representing the physically coded imprint of who are. 

Everyone has moments of acting out. We all have times when we live in a world of fantasy. Denial is a common aspect of everyone’s life. We all have times where we project our feelings onto other people. Self-sabotage is not a quality exclusive to those with mental illness. We can all be manipulative, particularly in moments of distress. Everyone goes through moments of feeling withdrawn. We all go through moments of idealization of other people. These are normal personality traits that crop up in all of us. However, these traits tend to be grossly amplified in those with Personality Disorders.

While normality and abnormality cannot be differentiated objectively, social constructions, cultural artifacts and the intensity of personality features allow us to classify certain personality disorders based on its impact on our ability to function. These are personality disorders. They can be devastating to the person, destructive to loved ones and even have a broader negative impact on society.

Unfortunately, personality disorders are often not accurately diagnosed and the devastating impact on individuals and families can lead to significant trials, create life-long rifts and, in some cases, lead to death. People with personality disorders often struggle controlling their maladaptive behaviors, which are often coping mechanisms that are designed to accomplish legitimate goals, but often end up having the exact opposite effect. Personality disorders coaching seeks to work with individuals, families and treatment providers to help people halt the use of those maladaptive behaviors and replace them with healthy, adaptive ones.

Personality Disorder Coaching has been shown to lead to social, occupational and academic improvements of the lives of clients, and help them develop more healthy families. We focus on hands-on, action-oriented and supportive change that is rooted in skill building and coordination of care with other treatment providers and those that clients allow to become involved in their treatment. Our clients have seen their distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, decision-making and management of anxiety improve. We are here to provide positive and nurturing help if you are in need.

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