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Career Coaching for SuccessLeadership coaching helps clients thrive as leaders.  Leadership coaching, also known as executive coaching, aims to help individuals ascend into management and into higher levels of management, to improve their leadership skills and to help them navigate complex workforce challenges that they face.

Leadership coaching has been endorsed by many top business leaders. Bill Gates, the founder and former chief executive of Microsoft, argues in a Ted Talk that “everyone needs a coach,” adding that “it doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player or a bridge player.” Gates adds “everyone needs feedback: that’s how we improve.”  Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive at Google, told Fortune that “the one thing that people are not good at it seeing themselves as other people see them; a coach really helps.”

The hard results of leadership coaching are greater productivity, faster promotions and larger profits. Leadership coaches also help clients learn about yourself, how you are perceived and where you can improve. The coaching partnership helps leaders move faster and with greater precision, and provide a space to hear your own voice, talk through things and get perspective.

The support and confidence that came from a coaching relationship helps leaders clarify their vision and make bolder moves, while at the same time providing them awareness of their blind spots, and providing them with support, empathy and encouragement. The coaching relationship also provides leaders and opportunity to talk about the cold truths that they cannot share with their peers, employees or more senior leaders. Coaches can also help leaders plot their future.

Leadership coaches can also work with executives on specific skills, such as communication, delegating, managing conflict, team building, persuasion, effectiveness, strategic planning and in a variety of other areas. 

Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson notes that mentorship and coaching are important to successful leaders, noting, “if you are struggling with the demands of being the boss, the first thing to realize is you are not alone.” He adds, “…. Get some help. From someone who has done it before and knows what to do, trust me, you will be much happier once you do that.”

Our leadership coaches focus on all of these things to help leaders overcome the challenges of their positions and careers.

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