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Skype Goose Creek Coaching’s life and mental health coaches are available to support clients by providing coaching over the telephone and through audio-visual call programs, such as Skype, which provides privacy through having some of the strongest standards of digital encryption.

Online coaching is easy to use and allows clients to communicate on the telephone or directly through their computers in face-to-face meetings with their coach. Goose Creek uses Skype and the telephone to see clients across the United States and in other countries, as well as to supplement in-office coaching sessions for busy clients who cannot always make it in as planned.  Online services can also be beneficial for some clients whose disorders, such as a fear of driving or agoraphobia, make it difficult for them to make it into the office.

Coaches make determinations about whether to offer online services based on a case-by-case basis with clients. Please contact our office to find out whether you would be eligible.

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