Irina Maksimets, MSW
    Therapist and Life Coach

Irina Maksimets, MSW, Mental Health Coach Irina Maksimets is an energetic and vibrant life coach and psychotherapist who focuses on helping her clients develop tools to have healthier and more fulfilling lives.

As a coach and a licensed clinical social worker, Irina brings a robust set of tools to the table as a therapist and coach. Irina’s experiences working as a mental health professional in various settings allows her to help clients find unique and holistic approaches to changing their lives. Irina has significant experience with working with adolescents and adults within the autism spectrum as well as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma-related problems and other conditions.

Irina received her Master’s from the University of Southern California’s Social Work program and has a Psychology and Social Behavior degree from the University of California, Irvine. At native of Kazakhstan, Irina is also fluent in Russian. Her clients benefit from her emphasis on how they can improve relationships and communication, as well as how they can recover from chronic disorders and other problems they face. Irina works with clients in an office and in home settings. Irina believes that rapport building is a critical tool to success in her relationships with her clients. She uses her clinical counseling and behavioral change expertise to develop action-oriented, goal-directed, results-driven coaching solutions.   

Irina helps people with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma related concerns, personality disorders, substance abuse and developmental disabilities live better, healthy, happier and more productive lives. She takes a client-centered holistic approach when working with her clients, addressing all aspects of their lives, not just the specific disorder from which they are suffering.

Irina utilizes her experiences working with the Hoag Hospital, Victoria Transcultural Clinical Center, Improving Outcomes and the Orange County Department of Education to blend techniques that can be harnessed to inspire her clients to achieve their best.

Due to her diverse background, Irina works to provide hope to every client in times of crisis, understanding that there is not only one right way to reach a solution. Irina believes that in the middle of the every difficulty lies opportunity and she is passionate about helping clients to rediscover their inner peace, to resolve personal blocks, and to improve their relationships with themselves and with their loved ones.

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